Install a security door system that withstood 100 impacts - that is 20 times the impacts required for the Australian Standard.


Why buy from us?

Panther Protect = Safe and Secure!

Australian Standards





Panther Protect  Security Door passed or exceeded every relevant Australian Standard.

Panther Protect - up to 20 times the impacts required

Australian Standards





Panther Protect is up to 20 times  (100 impacts verses Australian standard requirement of 5 impacts)  Australian Standard for Security Door. 

Panther Protect - the best Value

Australian Standards


Panther Protect Security Door costs not much more than conventional Security Doors and is a lot cheaper than other security doors and windows.

Panther Protect - A new standard in Elegance

Australian Standards


Panther Protect Security Door sets new standards in Security Doors Elegance!


Make the right decision for your family's safety, think Panther Protect


What our customers think about our products?

"Compared a few quotes (from Security Door suppliers) and examined the quality of one installed next door.  One of the quotes was a "rip off".  The quote from Panther Protect was the best, not only the finished product looks great the money saved could booked me a trip to Gold Coast!"

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