What are the benefits of a genuine Panther Protect product? Many!

Unmatched Security
Counting all the Australian Standards that Panther Protect blows out of the water with our innovative engineering design would take all day, but if you do want to read all about it, you can view the list over here.

Panther Protect achieved 20 times the impacts required for forced entry when tested which would stop even the most determined intruder in their tracks. Enough said.

Unmatched Value
Even with all the features we offer, Panther Protect strives to offer great value for money. Often cheaper than any other comparable product, and not even a great deal more than the phony ‘security’ screens out there, Panther protect is the last word in savings as well as security.

Unmatched Style
You might think a product designed to lock up tighter than Fort Knox couldn’t possibly be attractive, but you’d be dead wrong. Utilising an elegant, modernist style, Panther Protect security doors and windows don’t take away from the look of a building… they add to it! With Panther Protect your home can stay safe and look great doing it.