Maintenance & Care

It is important to consider the location and environment when deciding which Panther Protect security door mesh is fit for your purpose.  Authorised Panther Protect Security Door Dealers always refer their customers to Panther Protect Product Selection and Maintenance Chart below and recommend the use of Panther Wash.

EnvironmentMaintenance/Cleaning Intervals
Environmental Definition
Stainless: Fortnightly
Galvanised: N/A
Up to 1km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Stainless: Every Month
Galvanised: N/A
Between 1km - 5km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Stainless: Every 3 Months
Galvanised: N/A
Between 5km - 10km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Stainless: Every 4 Months
Galvanised: Every Month
Between 10km - 20km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Stainless: Every 4 Months
Galvanised: Every 3 Months
Between 20km - 50km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Stainless: Every 6 Months
Galvanised: Every 4 Months
Over 50km from saltwater or heavy industrial

Security Screen Doors

Safe and secure from beach to bush

The Panther Protect Security Door system has been researched, designed and developed to become the new standard in security doors and security windows. The designers used advanced technology to achieve a market leading mesh retention technique, an attractive bull nose design and heavy duty security door frame that meets and exceeds all relevant Australian Standards.

Extensive testing by an independent NATA accredited facility included dynamic impact, knife shear, salt spray, forced entry and longevity tests.  Panther Protect Security Doors also meet the requirements for construction in bush fire and cyclone prone areas.

Panther Protect Security Door system gives you the choice of 316 marine grade stainless steel or galvanised security door mesh, depending on location, environmental conditions and preferred maintenance schedule – always refer to the product selection and maintenance chart below when deciding on the type of security door mesh best suited to your circumstance.  Correct selection and regular maintenance of Panther Protect Security Door will keep your security doors looking good for years.  Further to this, Panther Protect 316 Stainless Steel Security Door is supported by a 10 year limited warranty. Panther Protect Galvanised Security Door has 2 years limited warranty.  Panther Protect Security Mesh and Panther Wash use is mandatory to ensure your warranty is covered.

  • Balance of Security & Lifestyle

    Balance of Security & Lifestyle

    Panther Protect security doors allow you to safely leave your home open for a fresh breeze while you are upstairs or in the garden. They also provide reinforced security when you lock your glass doors and are away from the home. Breaking glass is one thing, getting through Panther Protect security screens is another.

  • Patented & Proven Design

    Patented & Proven Design

    Panther Protect is patent covered and design registered.

    Panther Protect is covered by both a Patent and Registered Design. The patented design of Panther Protect doors is distinct from any other system in Australia, offering a unique strength advantage. The Panther Protect Security Door design includes a ‘specially shaped elongated slot with opposing offset formation and locking block’ to retain the security door mesh around the entire perimeter. This self-locking assembly arrangement is distinct from other patented systems and offers Panther Protect Security Doors a unique strength advantage over all other designs. The stronger the force impact on the security door mesh, the stronger will be the wedging force holding onto the mesh by the security door frame around the entire perimeter. On top of this, our doors have a 5 point 3 position locking system with an anti-rattling design to ensure any attempted break-in is counteracted with relentless safety.


  • Maximum Corrosion Protection

    Maximum Corrosion Protection

    When two dissimilar materials are used in contact with one another, a galvanic reaction can occur, causing corrosion. Panther Protect Security Door system has been designed to help eliminate contact between dissimilar metals by 1) an easily inserted locking block to secure the security door mesh sheeting to the extruded aluminium security door frame, eliminating the need for mechanical fixing, crimping or clamping; 2) using an inhibiting tape to separate the security door mesh from the aluminium security door frame and 3) powder coating the security door frame, mesh and locks. Panther Wash should also be used to reduce corrosion and enhance the life of your Panther Protect Security Door.

  • Extensive Testing

    Extensive Testing

    Panther Protect Security Door passed dynamic impact, lock and hinge level, pull, knife shear and salt water tests carried out by an independent NATA laboratory.  It also meets the requirements for Bush Fire and Cyclone Prone Areas – refer to the guideline set in the Building Code of Australia which may be interpreted differently from Council to Council.

  • Large Range of Colour Options

    Large Range of Colour Options

    As well as providing uncompromising safety, Panther Protect doors come in a range of colours to suit your home and feature a practical yet elegant design.

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