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Abra Aluminium provides the following warranty to the original purchaser of the PANTHER PROTECT products.

Under the normal conditions of use in a residential – non commercial application, Abra Aluminium warrants for the following:

  • PANTHER MAX 316 Stainless Steel Mesh (10 year warranty) from the date of installation.
  • PANTHER GAL Galvanised Mesh (2 year warranty) from the date of installation.

Product selection for your location:

PANTHER PROTECT Security doors and windows gives you the choice of PANTHER MAX 316 Marine grade Stainless Steel mesh or PATHER GAL Galvanised mesh depending on your location and environmental conditions. (PANTHER GAL is NOT suitable for properties less than 50km from saltwater or heavy industrial areas).

You must always refer to the product selection and maintenance chart when deciding on the type of mesh that is best suited to your location. Correct selection of mesh and following the maintenance schedule will keep your doors and windows looking great for years.

*The use of PANTHER WASH to clean the mesh is mandatory to ensure your warranty is covered.

Care and Maintenance:

Your PANTHER PROTECT product is an investment that not only secures your property, it also enhances it. Just as it is with buying a new car for example, your security doors and windows also require regular maintenance in order to keep them looking great for years to come and prolong its performance.

Depending on how harsh the environmental elements are, the maintenance intervals will vary. Refer to the Maintenance Schedule. PANTHER MAX 316 and PANTHER GAL are both made from superior quality materials; however, the harsh effects of high UV exposure, airborne pollution, general dirt/dust, animal urine and salt air can accumulate over time, which can create both acidic and corrosive conditions on the product. It is for this reason that your PANTHER PROTECT doors and windows must be cleaned at regular intervals in accordance with the maintenance schedule to ensure you do not void the warranty.

It is very important to understand that failure to comply with the maintenance schedule will void the PANTHER PROTECT warranty.

To clean your PANTHER PROTECT Doors and Windows:

  1. Hose down the PANTHER MAX 316 or PANTHER GAL mesh and surrounding door / window frame using mains water, paying
    particular attention to the areas of the mesh and frame that have obvious build up. (This will more likely occur at the bottom of the door or window where environmental residue can accumulate and settle).
  2. Fill a bucket with warm water and mix in several caps of PANTHER WASH (3 caps per 10 litres) Using a soft, non-abrasive
    brush or broom, clean the doors and windows to remove dust, salt and other built up deposits. (Remember to pay attention to areas that would not normally be exposed to natural rain water). Never attempt to clean the mesh or frame with a dry cloth as it can scratch the product, just like wiping dust of the duco of a car with a dry cloth.
  3. Always rinse thoroughly after cleaning with fresh, clean water to remove any remaining PANTHER WASH.

NOTE: The use of recycled tank or bore water is not recommended as it may lead to further corrosive effects and staining.

Maintenance Schedule:

View Maintenance Schedule Here.

Warranty Conditions and Exclusions:

PANTHER PROTECT products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to have the goods repaired of replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the maintenance schedule has been followed using PANTHER WASH.

For a claim to be eligible under this warranty, the original purchaser must provide proof of purchase and installation. To lodge a claim, the purchaser must attempt to make contact with the licensed PANTHER PROTECT Dealer/Installer within 30 days of the defect being noticed. Details are set out on the warranty card.

In the event that the dealer/installer cannot be contacted, the purchaser must then contact PANTER PROTECT customer service on 1300 912 691 or email One of our friendly team will be of assistance.


ABRA Aluminium’s liability shall be limited to the actual cost of repairing or replacing the defective product at at its own discretion. The cost of repair or replacement shall be determined by ABRA Aluminium using contractors, materials and practices selected by it. ABRA Aluminium will determine, at its reasonable discretion, the most appropriate materials and action for remedying the failure.

ABRA Aluminium shall not be liable for any representation or statement made on behalf of it whether made prior to, or after the giving of this performance warranty. ABRA Aluminium’s liability will be solely derived from the terms and conditions of this performance warranty.


Subject to Australian Consumer Law, this warranty excludes any accessory fitted – including (but not limited to) handles, locks, hinges, rollers and door closers. These accessories may be covered by warranties supplied by the relevant manufacturers of those products.

This warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by circumstances out of ABRA Aluminium’s control, Including (but not limited to) misuse, abuse, wear and tear, accident, act of god, alteration to the product in any way or failure to follow the directions outlined on the Maintenance Schedule for cleaning.


Please keep this warranty in a safe place because in the unlikely event of a claim, the job number on this warranty must be referred directly to your licensed PANTHER PROTECT dealer/installer.

To register your warranty and to confirm that you have read and clearly understand the terms and conditions, please complete the form below and submit within 28 days from the date of installation. Failure to submit your registration will void any warranty.

Online warranty forms can be registered below.

If you are filling out a hard copy warranty card, detach the PANTHER PROTECT copy by tearing along the perforated line and post to ABRA Aluminium, PO Box 1365, Burpengary, QLD 4505.

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