Security Screen Doors

By definition, a security screen door has a strong frame and non-removable pin hinges. They generally connect the exterior to the interior of a home or business and are the first line of defence in preventing intruders.

Panther Protect security doors go a step further as our products have no mechanical fixings which are generally the most vulnerable part of a door. Security screen doors are the best combination of comfort and safety money can provide. By letting the fresh air in and keeping the bad guys out, security screens are the very best way to protect your family, your valuables and your way of life.

But buyer beware!

In most states, anyone and everyone can advertise their product as a “security screen”, but all too often the only security they offer is against marauding flies or mosquitoes! What you need is a real security screen: one that beats all the relevant Australian standards and is engineered to the highest specifications.

Security Screen Windows

A security screen window has all the advantages of regular screen windows, letting in cool air and preventing bugs with the added benefit of also keeping out intruders. To be classified as a “security screen” it must pass Australian standards. Panther Protect security windows are designed using a market-leading bull nose shaped window with a heavy-duty frame. We also offer the Panther Escape window for emergency exits. This keyless system allows for quick escapes during fires or other emergencies.

Why you need a Panther Protect security door or window.

By investing in a Panther Protect product, you’re assured of being provided with a door that simply is the very best in its class. Every component of a Panther product complies with Australian standards, including the hinges, locks, frame, rivets and of course, the mesh itself. If real protection is more important to you than cutting corners, then check out our extensive selection below.